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BaNilla Cookies with Nutella
November 6, 2011, 8:14 am
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It’s 8:58 and I’m sitting on the computer checking email, Facebook, reading blogs etc when I notice the time.  Every day, like clockwork, at 9:00 the kids start asking, no, start begging for snacks.  They act as if it’s been so long since breakfast that they just may die of starvation if their hunger isn’t immediately satiated with crackers, candies, chips, anything.   I thought I better preempt the whining, pleading, and crying for food and quickly slice up a banana and grab some crackers.  As I sliced up a banana, I remembered seeing this post on Foodgawker for a no bake banana sandwich cookies from Bakers Royale.  I had all the ingredients, so I thought it would be a fun snack that the kids could even help make. 



Their is no recipe, it’s just a bit of nutella spread on mini nilla wafers, a slice of banana sandwiched in between and then rolled in sprinkles.   In the original post, she used peanut butter, which would have been good too, but we just love nutella and bananas together. 



I don’t know what it is about kids and sprinkles.  Sprinkles make everything good, fun and edible.  I think if I put sprinkles on broccoli, the kids would eat it up!  Today, the kids didn’t whine about having bananas for a snack instead of chips and cookies (my husband’s idea of a snack.)  Although letting the kids do the sprinkles was a bit of a mess, we had fun and they each happily ate their bananas. 



We will definitely be doing this again.  This was such a great no-bake sandwich cookie that was somewhat healthy.    If I didn’t have my Sous Chefs “helping” I could bang a couple dozen of these out in less than one episode of Yo! Gabba Gabba.  What? I know I’m not the only parent that judges how much time I have to complete an activity uninterrupted with the length of children’s programming 🙂