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Make Ahead Monday: Mulled Apple Cider
November 28, 2011, 1:30 am
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I think I’ve said before that one of the things I really love about living here is the availability of such great juices.  You can get a “mocktail” that is out of this world.  Lemon/mint juice anyone?  Fresh pineapple and watermelon spritzer?   Yes please!  Oh, I get off subject.  My point is that most juices are fresh tasting, including apple juice.  Even the bottled stuff tastes like freshly juiced apples.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to push Mott’s off on my kids again. 

One of my favorite things about fall is when the apple cider starts appearing on shelves.  Well, I haven’t seen any here yet, but I figured I could make my own and it would probably be better than any mass-produced-store-bought-variety with the great quality of the apple juice here.   And it was.

My husband and I sipped this while trimming our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving, as is our tradition.  We decided to bite the bullet this year and buy our first fake                    real-pine-challenged tree.  Even though I miss the smell of a real tree, it is nice not to have to water/vacuum everyday.  I must say, it looks pretty real too (especially after a few boozy ciders!)

Boozy Mulled Apple Cider


6 cups apple juice (I would buy the organic stuff, since it usually tastes more like apple and has less “fillers”)

2 cinnamon sticks

3 tablespoons ground nutmeg

1 teaspoon allspice

1 cup whisky (we used Johnny Walker, but booze is totally optional.  It was really good without too.)


Combine everything except for the booze in a slow cooker or pressure cooker.  Cook for 6 hours in a slow cooker on low, or 1 hour in a pressure cooker on high.  Strain the liquid.  To serve, put 2-3 oz at the bottom of a mug.  Top with the cider and enjoy!


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Hi Alyssa! How have you been? It sounds like you adjusted to the new “fake tree” tradition but good to hear you are still in holiday spirit. 🙂 This year we also have to skip the tree as we’ll be traveling most of December. I do miss the smell of real tree. Your apple cider looks wonderful. It’s a great drink for the X’mas party!

Comment by Nami | Just One Cookbook

Fresh juices sound like a great “perk”. : ) Boozy cider huh… love it. 🙂

Comment by Ramona

This apple cider looks wonderful – love the combination of spices in it.

Comment by Biana | Simple Recipes

What a fun recipe. I know a lot of people that would love this apple cider!

Comment by

Props to making this all yourself! It looks delicious and I would love to drink some right now! We do fake trees too. My family always has because my brother is really allergic to real trees can’t be in a house with a real tree. My husband always had real, but I told him he needs to get over it as my brother’s presence is more important, lol!

Comment by Stephanie

Wow, how well timed with the Christmas tree… I’m delighted to have a mulled cider recipe…so delicious. And we’ve yet to pick our tree so I have a feeling I know what I’ll be preparing… delightful!

Comment by Kelly

I love the combination of spices in your cider. So festive!

Comment by Jennifer (Delicieux)

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