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French Fridays with Dorie: Deconstructed BLT and Eggs
September 30, 2011, 12:01 am
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Dorie jumped on the “deconstructed” bandwagon that it seemed everyone was doing for a while.  You couldn’t watch an episode of Top Chef without someone doing a deconstructed Caesar salad, meatloaf, or mole.  Ok, maybe that was just one episode, but you get what I mean.  While the idea was cool at first I admit, but deconstructing everything got a little old.  So when I saw this week’s recipe, my immediate reaction was “this is so passé!”  But I want to be a good member of the club, so I went along and tried it.  Well…

I would eat it in a boat and I would eat it with a goat.  And I will eat it in the rain.  In the dark and on a train.  And in a car, and in a tree.  It was so good, so good you see.  Thanks Dr. Seuss for such a great way to describe something I was surprised that I liked. 




I didn’t have the sundried tomatoes Dorie called for, and arugula is very expensive here so I had to use regular iceburg lettuce; but even without this salad was outstanding.  It’s simple enough for a quick lunch or dinner, but great enough to entertain with.  Dorie’s simple vinaigrette was tasty, so I was skeptical about adding the dollop of mayo (well for me, miracle whip) on top.  But, I think it was just that that made this salad over the top good.  I also used the caramelized onion croutons from my tomato soup the other night. 

This is another one that I know I will be making again, again, and again. 



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LOL!!! I know what you mean…the whole “deconstructed” thing seems to be very trendy, doesn’t it?

Comment by Joanne

This does look good, Alyssa! And without the bread, it’s healthier too!

Comment by Stephanie

Ok, that’s a salad I’d actually look forward to!

Comment by Colette

Looks delicious! I’m glad you de-constructed!

Comment by Ann

Looks great.

Comment by Christine

This looks so good!! I would have loved it too for lunch!!! 🙂

Comment by Manu

I know what you mean with TC! … it is so very “been there, done that” but I’m glad you liked it! I think I would rather eat it in sandwich form, but we ate every bite!

Comment by Alice

Looks yum.. I love to deconstruct.. haha
Oh Alyssa, I have an award for you in my blog. Do pop by to collect it ok?

Comment by Shannon@JustAsDelish

I can totally remember the deconstructed episode of Top Chef! I think your croutons sound amazing!

Comment by Frankly Entertaining (@frentertaining)

I kind of rolled my eyes at the deconstructed thing, too. Don’t mess with perfection! lol I enjoyed the salad, though I’d rather have the normal sandwich. Glad it surprised you! I love it when dishes turn out better than expected.

Comment by Eileen

This does look delicious and I like the substitutions as well as the homemade croutons. Yum! Have a great weekend.

Comment by Tina@flourtrader

I’m glad you enjoyed it so much. Your photos are really nice!

Comment by Lola's Kitchen

I agree about the whole “deconstructed” phase. But, I felt pretty good about the salad, because I’d already heard of (and had) BLT salads – not too weird at all. Now, deconstructed meatloaf … that’s another story altogether! 😉

Comment by SoupAddict

I love your Dr. Seuss. I wasn’t thrilled with this weeks selection and almost skipped it. I’m glad I didn’t, because the flavors were good, and it gave me a lot of ideas to use in the future.

Happy French Friday!

Comment by Confessions of a Culinary Diva

Looks great! I love Dr. Seuss. You never outgrow him.

Comment by Betsy

I also would eat this salad in any rhyming variations in which it was offered to me. Good stuff…

Comment by Genkinaonna

The arugula was tasty – but we love iceburg lettuce and I would make it again using other lettuces anytime. Loved the Seussian rhyme!

Comment by Tasty Mayhem

Yeah – this did leave me feeling a little “Top Chef”, but I guess there are worse feelings 🙂
Glad you enjoyed the salad – we had to sub leaf lettuce because the arugula in the store was sad and not worth the money; I agree that the ingredients stand up to many different greens.

Comment by Cher

A deconstructed Mole? That doesn’t sound to good to me. I do think that this deconstruction could have been deconstructed further. But that is just me! Good job here…but is it a recipe?

Comment by Trevor Sis Boom

A great-looking salad!

Comment by Cucina49

Very nice looking salad – I enjoy this deconstructed version without bread for a change. In that sense it is still au courant 🙂

Comment by Kelly

Sometimes you have to break things apart to build them up again this looks like one tasty sala

Comment by The Culinary Lens

Yes, this salad does have great ingredients so the flavors are also great…a change of lettuce of type of tomato personalizes this recipe…looks good. And, I don’t always need all the bread, although these ingredients make a really great sandwich.

Comment by Krissy

I always love adding boiled eggs on my salad because it goes so well with the dressing…This is really nice!

Comment by Nami | Just One Cookbook

I love this salad and lucky I did not give it a miss ! I finally made it for our sunday lunch and yummy, LOVE IT!

Comment by Elin

This looks delicious, and maybe a healthy alternative to blts? 🙂

Comment by Sarah

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