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French Fridays with Dorie: Honey-Spiced Madeleines
September 23, 2011, 5:08 am
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I debated making this week’s FFwD recipe just because I knew we were going to be eating cake all weekend on account of my husband’s birthday.  However, I already felt like a Dorie slacker because I didn’t make last Friday’s Cinnamon-Crunch Chicken.  I looked for the cinnamon cookies she used to “crunchify” the chicken for two weeks and was unable to find them.  I thought about ordering them off of, but I knew they wouldn’t arrive in time. 



So needless to say, I decided that I couldn’t let another Friday go by without participating; I am new to the club, after all.  I am so glad that I made these tasty little cakes.  Dorie says that the cakes are best if you allow the batter to rest several hours to overnight, which was perfect.  I made the batter yesterday evening, and then I got up early this morning to bake them off.  My family woke up to the smells of cinnamon and orange and had a warm treat waiting for breakfast. 


I’ve never eaten, let alone made Madeleines before and I was pleasantly surprised by these.  I thought the orange and spice was very nice.  These would be perfect if you have overnight guests over the holidays.  The only slight change I made to Dorie’s recipe was to half the amount of butter and use applesauce to replace it. 



This, like most of Dorie’s recipes, is a great jumping off point.  While I will definitely be making this one again, I can’t wait to tweak it with some other flavor combinations. 


*As per the rules of French Friday’s with Dorie, members only post pictures, not recipes.  If you would like the recipe, you can buy the book, Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan.  If cooking your way through Dorie’s book sounds like fun, you, too can join French Friday’s with Dorie by clicking here.



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I like the good looking shape of your madeleines! Great job!

Comment by Trevor Sis Boom

I had to sit last week out as well due to cookie sourcing problems. I ended up making one of the previously completed desserts and it was delicious. Which might have been why I wasn’t such a huge fan of the madeleines because they just couldn’t measure up.

In any case your little cakes look just perfect and I’m happy to hear that your family enjoyed them.

Comment by oneexpatslife

Your cookies look absolutely perfect! Very nice.

Comment by Cher

I’m glad everyone enjoyed them! I’m not a huge fan of orange, so I think I’ll try out a few more recipes before I give up on my pan altogether. If it doesn’t earn it’s keep, out it goes, though! lol

Comment by Eileen

Gorgeous cookies! Who knew they only had 3 tablespoons of butter? I should try that next time, maybe even with pumpkin puree…

Comment by Adriana @ GreatFood360°

I can finish like a dozen Madeleine in a minute.. that is how much i love these buttery treat 🙂

Comment by kankana

Yours look absolutely beautiful. I wouldn’t worry about last week … I kind of wish that I had skipped it!!

Comment by Frankly Entertaining

I love the buttery taste that Madeleines have! Yours look perfect! Hope your cake-filled weekend is perfect!

Comment by Stephanie

I am so jealous of your pans! The fluted side seems really exaggerated which makes a difference when you are baking Madeleines! I am going to go buy new pans now! lol! glad you loved them… everyone I shared them with loved them too!

Comment by Alice

Your fluted shape is different from mine. Yours is prettier. I had never made these before, and only ate them once before that. I enjoyed them and will experiment with this in the future. Nice job!

Comment by Betsy

Applesauce sounds like a great idea…would go well with these spices. Very pretty madeleines–half the butter did not seem to care.

Comment by Krissy

These are really, REALLY stunning! I’m glad you made them!

Comment by Ann

Thanks, Ann!

Comment by alyssa

Their shape is exactly what it should be – beautiful!

Comment by Teresa

They look perfect! How wonderful to wake up to these in the morning!

Comment by Elaine

This looks wonderful. Well done.

Comment by Christine

These looks absolutely perfect!! You did a fabulous job. I must say you’re a great cook and baker. I’m just getting my baking confidence because I’m mostly a cook by nature. Someday I will try to tackle these beautiful cookies.

Comment by Ramona

My all time favourite comfort food! This looks simply scrumpy!

Comment by Angie's Recipes

I love Madeleine and I’m actually “crazy” about them. This looks extraordinarily delicious!

Comment by Nami | Just One Cookbook

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